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Nonprofit Finance Fund created the Hub in partnership with the Pay for Success community as an active, central resource where we can share ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and collaborate in the search for best practices.

Learn the Basics

The Pay for Success Learning Hub is a resource created by and for those who want to improve the way the social sector works, for the benefit of the people it serves.

It is a comprehensive, national repository for education and information on Pay for Success (PFS) and related strategies to improve social outcomes. You will find introductory information, news, leading research, practical tools, in-depth analysis and diverse perspectives.

The Hub is curated by Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) in service of the public good.

For 35 years, NFF has worked to unlock the potential of mission-driven organizations through tailored investments, strategic advice and accessible insights. NFF has conducted hundreds of trainings to prepare service providers, foundations, financial institutions and governments to participate in results-based projects. NFF has also served as a PFS funding intermediary and investor. As PFS and the broader movement toward results-based approaches to social problems gain traction, we are committed to helping all stakeholders navigate operating and funding changes.

We welcome contributions and critique.

Pay for Success is controversial, complex, and exciting. To reach the full potential of an outcomes-oriented social sector requires open, honest dialogue, and a willingness to share experiences, analysis, and data. We hope that you find all of that and more on the Hub, and invite you to join in the conversation and community. If you would like to contribute, we’d really appreciate it.

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