Institute for Child Success publishes Notices of Intent

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The South Carolina-based Institute for Child Success (“ICS”) offers jurisdictions interested in improving outcomes for children and bringing new resources to early childhood programs two opportunities:

1. A national conference on Early Childhood Pay for Success. In collaboration with ReadyNation, teams from up to 30 jurisdictions across the U.S. will be selected to participate in this conference, which will be held in San Diego, CA in April 2015.

2. Technical assistance to help jurisdictions move from interest in Pay for Success to implementation. 4 jurisdictions per year (for up to 3 years) will be selected to receive technical assistance over 9-12 months from the Institute for Child Success. Service providers in 1 of those 4 jurisdictions will also receive capacity building training and assistance from the Nonprofit Finance Fund, and a number of these jurisdictions may also receive pro bono assistance assessing and improving data systems from Accenture.

Jurisdictions may apply:

To participate in the conference only


To participate in the conference AND to receive technical assistance.