Massachusetts RFR 2012

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Attached are the Request for Response documents issued by the State of Massachusetts in January 2012. Please note they are part of a larger application. 

Through this Request for Responses (RFR) the Commonwealth of Massachusetts seeks to partner with social entrepreneurs to execute a limited number of pay for success contracts targeted at:

1) Providing stable housing and other services for several hundred chronically homeless individuals with the goal of improving their well being and reducing Medicaid costs

2) The juvenile justice contracts will be designed with the specific goal of reducing recidivism and improving education and employment outcomes over a 6 year period for a significant segment of the 750 to 800 youth discharged from the juvenile corrections system at age 18 or 21 and the roughly 3,000 youth who complete their term of probation annually. 

An RFR specifically seeking responses from intermediaries and is being issued in conjunction with a separate RFR targeted towards service providers.