Sorenson Impact Center PFS Feasibility Grant

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The purpose of this request for proposals is to select local, state, tribal, territorial governments and/or nonprofits in the target geography to receive services from the Sorenson Impact Center to explore the feasibility of proposed PFS projects. Sorenson Impact will support the activities of selected Service Recipients by providing grantees with technical assistance to assess feasibility and develop PFS capacity.

Grantees will focus on funding solutions in SIF’s priority areas of economic opportunity, healthy futures, and youth development. Furthermore, SIF’s goal with its Pay for Success (PFS) competition was to accelerate the PFS field by diversifying the sector, in terms of social issue areas, geographies and implementing organizations. Each sub-grantee will be awarded $75,000 to $100,000 matched with tailored technical assistance supports from the Sorenson Impact Center valued at up to $250,000 per project. Applications for the 2017 have closed, subgrantees will be announced early summer.