Corporation for Supportive Housing

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CSH has led the charge to use Pay for Success (PFS) as an innovative tool to scale supportive housing and as a lever to drive system change to address a range of complex community needs. There is a robust body of evidence on the efficacy of supportive housing (affordable housing linked to support services) to improve health and housing outcomes for the most vulnerable and to create more sustainable funding models for public systems that serve these individuals. Supportive housing serves a range of target populations, including super utilizers of crisis systems, individuals experiencing homelessness, youth and families, formerly incarcerated, and disabled residents of health institutions who wish to live in the community.

CSH is currently working in a variety of roles across the country to help communities explore the potential of PFS. CSH provides feasibility technical assistance to communities exploring PFS, transaction structuring services to PFS projects that are moving forward, project and performance management services during PFS project implementation and direct investment in PFS transactions. As of 2017, CSH is actively working in 14 jurisdictions to advance the PFS model. The potential for PFS is being realized through this work as multiple governments have reoriented their systems to focus on paying for outcomes resulting in hundreds of individuals being housed and accessing needed services.