Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

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Washington DC DC 20006
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Quick Facts

To break the link between unhealthy housing and unhealthy families by creating and advocating for healthy, safe, and energy efficient homes. 

GHHI is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit that plays multiple roles in the Pay for Success field as a direct service-provider, technical assistance provider, and transaction structuring agent.  The organization’s portfolio is funded by the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) for five feasibility studies, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) for six feasibility studies and transaction structuring efforts, as well as the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) also awarding a transaction structuring grant.  (The Social Innovation Fund has also awarded GHHI with funds to advance up to 10 public health Pay for Success projects over the coming years.)

GHHI’s Pay for Success work generally focuses on advancing public health issues for vulnerable populations, especially through advancing housing as a platform for heath.  Several projects currently under development focus on leveraging the cashable savings in medical-claims from comprehensive home-based interventions to address the causes and triggers of asthma, though development efforts are looking to address issues of lead poisoning, aging-well for older adults, and other issues related to the GHHI mission.  This work has included pioneering the use of alternative payment models with both public and private partners at the federal, state, and local levels to advance Pay for Success financing arrangements that use savings in medical expenditures to fund the interventions. 

GHHI is proud to have collaborated with some of the world’s leading health insurance providers, federal and state governments, foundations, award-winning evidence-based service providers, prestigious law firms, as well as industry-leading thought-partners to advance their mission.  The organization is looking to support a national coalition to advance Pay for Success projects in public health that can leverage collective impact to create a single workable mechanism to use healthcare dollars in a diversified funding stream to support Pay for Success financing across multiple organizations in multiple issue-areas.