The James Irvine Foundation

One Bush Street, Suite 800
San Francisco CA 94104
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Quick Facts

Issue Area

The James Irvine Foundation has made grants since 1937 to expand opportunity for the people of California. Starting in 2016, the Foundation has put a particular focus on expanding economic and political opportunity for families and young adults who are working but struggling with poverty.

In 2014, the Irvine Foundation launched a three-year exploration called the California Pay for Success Initiative, which was designed to identify and fund new Pay for Success projects in our state. In 2016, the first two Pay for Success projects in California were launched — the start of what we hope will be many such endeavors in the future.

The purpose of Pay for Success agreements is to provide high-quality social services to a greater number of society's most vulnerable individuals, for the benefit of all. As our participation concludes in 2017, we are very proud of the initiative’s achievements and hope that this effort will be an effective tool for funders, social services providers, and governments across the country to address some of society's most challenging problems.