Quantified Ventures

1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW Floor 10
Washington DC DC 20009
(202) 734-3712

Quick Facts

Our mission is to simplify access to impact capital in order to scale operations that drive true social change.

Quantified Ventures uses Pay For Success as a means to finance innovations across environmental, health, education  and workforce development sectors. We design and execute Pay For Success projects from start to finish and are maniacally focused on doing them cheaper, faster and smarter. 

We bring deep transaction experience, a proven methodology,  and the creativity needed to ensure success with all projects we take on. We take the mystery out of scaling business operations by turning concepts into strategic, data-driven actions that are directly aligned with achieving objectives. We work with service providers, healthcare systems, and governments to define outcome metrics, improve data collection processes, secure access to external data sources and implement data analysis systems. Our technique prioritizes opportunities for our clients to progress into the social impact investment arena. We also provide comprehensive readiness assessments for clients interested in pursuing performance-based contracts as a means to scale operations.

We seek to craft a culture that fully values investing in social good. We are the social pathfinders, unlocking access to solutions the world deserves. The key to simplicity is thoughtful reduction, losing the superfluous without sacrificing the essential. Our goal is to make social investment effortless, for everyone involved at every stage of the process.