Sorenson Impact Center

1655 E Campus Center Dr.
Salt Lake City UT 84112
(801) 581-6191

Quick Facts

At Sorenson Impact Center, we marshal capital for social good, empower data-driven programs, break down silos across sectors, and equip the next generation of leaders with social purpose.

Whether the next big social impact originates within a government entity or a service provider, it needs to be funded in order to achieve its goals and better the lives of those in need. At Sorenson Impact, we help nonprofits use innovative financing approaches, such as Pay for Success / Social Impact Bonds, Pay for Performance contracting, and other tools to lockdown funding to scale what works.

Even before securing intervention funding, Sorenson Impact helps determine project feasibility and whether it is suited to social impact financing. Evidence-based policies and programs are critical to determining feasibility, and Sorenson Impact connects leading academic research regarding “what works” in social policy with programmatic design, execution, and rigorous evaluation.

In our build-to-suit approach, we work across sectors with all key stakeholders, including service providers, foundations, investors, community-based organizations, and others to accelerate sustainable social change. Areas of focus include homelessness, recidivism, public health, early childhood, and other high-need policy areas.

Our work in this area is supported by millions of dollars in grants from The Social Innovation Fund, an initiative of the White House, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Justice, among other supporters.