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Last updated Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Through a consulting model, Institute for Child Succes helped the City of Evansville explore if it could feasibly tap PFS to expand high-quality pre-K through the existing On My Way Pre-K (OMW) program for more than 500 additional four-year-olds from low-income families. The study concluded that while PFS financing is not immediately feasible in Evansville due to the need for more rigorous data collection and evaluation, Evansville does have high-quality pre-K programs that it could feasibly expand to improve outcomes for children from low-income families. The benefits of investing in high-quality pre-K significantly exceed the costs, and PFS financing could be viable in two to four years if the City fully implemented appropriate measurement tools and collected data to establish baselines and project impact on outcomes that would be part of a PFS contract.  To this end, we worked with Evansville to create two scaled-down alternative expansion scenarios.  In the first scenario, the state covers additional slots and secures funding for a kindergarten readiness pilot in both new and existing slots, serving 335 additional four-year olds over two years.  In the second scenario, the state does not provide funding, and the kindergarten readiness pilot occurs only in existing slots, serving 209 four-year olds over two years.