Special Topics Brief: Service Provider Capacity Building for a PFS Project

Published Friday, April 15, 2016 | by Jessica Blum

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Organizations and agencies likely to succeed in a PFS engagement, or “PFS-ready” organizations, require a specific set ofunique capacities, including the abilities to systematically collect data, identify payment mechanisms and funders, hireand work with evaluators, track costs and quantify savings associated with service outcomes. This brief focuses on thespecific needs of service providers, a subset of PFS actors, and strategies that can be used to assist them in buildingnecessary capacity

Building service provider capacity is one of the biggest challenges facing the growth of the PFS model. While interest inthe PFS model continues to grow domestically, most attention has been paid to state/local government capacity building,with less focus on service providers. Since service providers are essential to the success of a PFS project as they areresponsible for achieving and tracking positive outcomes for a given target population, their needs must be addressed.