Webinar: HOI Learning Network Virtual Convening: Improving Healthy Outcomes Through Supportive Housing

Published Wednesday, April 11, 2018 | by Nonprofit Finance Fund

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Webinar Streamed Live on February 28, 2018

More community-based organization (CBO) and healthcare partnerships and projects are emerging - motivated by a desire to improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and improve quality of care. In this webinar, Nonprofit Finance Fund reviews early stage efforts in Illinois to integrate data solutions, provide targeted supportive housing, and employ Pay for Success models to improve health outcomes among homeless populations in McLean County.  

The webinar features a panel discussion with Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH), a national nonprofit using housing solutions as a platform to improve the lives of vulnerable populations, and Chestnut Health Systems, a provider of addiction, mental health, credit counseling, and family health services, to share their insights on the upfront investments and structure required to push an outcomes-based project forward. Topics explored include:  

  • Identifying first steps in pursuing outcomes oriented projects 
  • Scaling data integration solutions
  • Highlighting innovative multi-stakeholder structures and local context 
  • Understanding capacities needed for provider readiness